IPS Affiliate Programme



IPS Affiliates Program is the official eGaming affiliate program for the huge network of bingo and casino sites owned by IPS. This exclusive and new affiliate program is dedicated to promoting the full range of IPS’s Casino and Bingo sites with exclusive CPA, CPL and Revenue Share pay structures in place for all our affiliates, this is a bingo and casino affiliate program you do not want to miss.



At IPS, we currently have a portfolio of 20+ different casino and bingo sites for our new casino affiliates and new bingo affiliates in both the UK and Sweden, with players accepted from multiple foreign territories on a number of our sites. As a new casino affiliate you might also be interested in our mandarin and cantonese sites for overseas Chinese players. All of our sites are supported by our professional marketing team with over 20 years of marketing experience alongside a multilingual, customer service department to help you in all areas.



Each of our IPS brands that is part of our bingo and casino affiliate program offers you as a new casino affiliate something different to promote, each with their own creatives and marketing resources, you have the opportunity to promote whichever brand or brands fit your customer demographic best. Giving you the opportunity to switch and change how ever you like, with the chance to earn 25 times as much commission from just one bingo and casino affiliate program.



Our team of experienced bingo and casino affiliate program managers are available to help you with all queries and questions you may have. Upon joining our new affiliate program you will receive a personal affiliate manager to help you earn even more commission and to help with day-to-day runnings. It doesn’t matter if you are a new casino affiliate, a new bingo affiliate or have worked in the affiliate industry for years, our affiliate managers are there to support you every step of the way. For any generic enquiries or to find out about joining our program email hello@ipsaffiliates.com


IPS Affiliates Program would like to give new casino affiliates the opportunity to earn real cash from a trusted bingo and casino affiliate program in a fast-growing and fast-paced market, with the chance to promote a whole network of different sites, for bigger and better returns, from just one individual sign up.

Our team of outstanding professionals will help you every step of the way. With first class revenue offers and CPA structured payouts, super fast payments and great online casino and bingo creatives as well as all the marketing materials you will need to convert your traffic into cash month-after-month.


Become an IPS affiliate now...


Why should I join your affiliate program?

Other than the financial benefit you will enjoy from joining this casino and bingo affiliate program, working as an IPS Affiliate will add value and bring depth to your website for absolutely no extra cost, as well as minimal effort. This new affiliate program also offers you the opportunity to promote multiple bingo and casino brands, for even bigger returns, something which our competitors do not. Still need persuading? These casino and bingo brands are newly available to the affiliate channel, so they have limited exposure anywhere on the web, and this will encourage higher conversion rates for you.

Still not convinced? Read our testimonials and hear for yourself why other affiliates choose to work with IPSAffiliates.


Can anyone join IPS Affiliates Program?

Almost everyone can join the IPS Affiliates program, no matter if you are a new casino affiliate, a new bingo affiliate or if you have worked as an affiliate in the industry before. With a short application form in place, we will get in contact afterwards, if you have been accepted onto the program.


Will it cost me anything to join the program?

It’s absolutely free to join our bingo and casino affiliate program and you’ll have all the support, creatives and marketing materials you'll need to get you started as an affiliate!


How do I apply/sign up to be an IPS Affiliate?

Just fill out our simple and easy form to apply to the IPS Affiliates programme here on the signup page and we will get back to you with a welcome email if you pass our verification process, then you are ready to promote our bingo and casino brands as one of our new casino affiliates or bingo affiliates.


Can I keep track of my earnings?

Just login to your IPS Affiliates account and you’ll get an overview of your earnings.


How often are my affiliate statistics updated?

Statistics will be updated daily, with data up to midnight last night.


How much money can I earn with IPS affiliates?

There is no limit to your earnings with us; it is completely up to you. The more traffic you generate to our websites, the more money you can earn. It's simple.


Can I lose money at all?

There is no negative carry-over in our bingo and casino affiliate program and we would never charge you for a negative commission during a bad month (for example, if one of your referred players won BIG or hit the jackpot), we would just reset your balance for the next month. Please see T&C’s for further details.


Is there a minimum earning before payout?

Yes there is, and it's £100. However, if you really need a smaller amount, send an email to support@ipsaffiliates.com and we’ll see what we can do to help.


Is there a limit to how many websites I register?

No, it is completely up to you how many sites you as a new casino affiliate register with us here at IPS Affiliates. You will receive individual tracking for each bingo and casino website so that you can see how they are performing individually if you wish.


How do I add multiple websites to my account?

Once you have joined the IPS affiliate program, you can sign into your account, and under the "My Account" drop-down, select "Marketing Sources" and then you can add an additional marketing source for each URL. Each additional URL will be allocated a unique tracking ID for you to implement on your website.


Where can I get support/guidance?

Should you require any support at all please do not hesitate to contact your affiliate manager directly or email us at support@ipsaffiliates.com


How do I get paid?

NetRefer will pay you on a monthly basis, through your choice of payment method. When setting up your affiliate account just make sure to select your payment method of choice (ie. Bank Transfer etc).


When do I get paid?

Netrefer will pay you monthly by the latest of the 15th of each month, through your selected payment method.


Can I keep track of my earnings?

Yes, just log into your affiliate account and you will get an overview of all your earnings and player referrals.


How do I add links to my website?

There will be individual tracking codes for each website you apply for. These individual tracking codes will be provided for you to simply add to your site.


How long is the cookie duration of those players?

Players will be tracked via cookies for 30 days following a referral from yourselves.


Getting Started

NetRefer provides you with all the necessary tools to make the best out of your website/s. You can start using banner codes as soon as you login to your IPS Affiliates account! The interface welcomes you with a general overview of your daily performance such as views, clicks, new signups, depositing customers, active customers and net revenue. You can check your account details as well as your current commission plan and if you need help/updates you can use NetRefer to contact your Affiliate Manager instantly. Generate and export reports on your media, websites and monthly earnings. Remember you also have access to customer reporting, which shows detailed information on each customer you refer. So enjoy our new affiliate program!


How Are My Customers Tracked?

Customer views, clicks and resulting signups from our bingo and casino affiliate program are tracked in NetRefer through a tracking code. This is done by placing a ‘BTag’ in a cookie, which includes your unique Affiliate ID, your Website ID and the Banner ID. NetRefer also tracks customer deposits and wagering activity in various reports. We encourage you to update your banners regularly, since old banners may become deactivated and your new referrals will not be tracked.


How Do I Get Paid?

At the end of each month NetRefer calculates your commission automatically. Your commission from our bingo and casiino affiliate program can be paid out in three different ways;
(i) through your preferred payment method as selected on signup
(ii) directly to your customer/player account (if applicable)
(iii) through the Affiliate interface if you are using Webdollar or Entropay
As soon as your commission is paid out, you will be notified via an automatic payment confirmation from your Affiliate Manager. You can view monthly commission statements including the dates of payments.


Should you require any guidance about anything on our casino and bingo affiliate program, please do not hesitate to contact your affiliate manager or send an email to support@ipsaffiliates.com